Boat wrap costs vary depending on a number of factors including the quality of the wrap, the size and condition of the boat, the type of vinyl used and your location.   

The 5 main factors that affect boat wrapping prices include:

Boat size

When determining how much it costs to wrap a boat, it’s important to take into account the size of your vessel. Understandably, larger boats will require more vinyl to cover the surface area than smaller boats, thereby increasing the overall boat wrap price.  

Boat condition

The level of wear and tear that your boat has experienced will also impact boat wrap costs. If your boat is chipped, scratched or has a chalky gel coat, your hull will need to be prepared before your boat wrap installation. Detailing boat prices will vary depending on the condition of the hull. Either your installer or local boat maintenance company can assist you with this. 

Vinyl type

The quality of the vinyl is one of the most influential factors impacting overall costs. Lower quality vinyl may be cheaper, but the print quality is low and less durable than high quality vinyl and professional installation. If properly maintained and installed to the highest standard, your boat vinyl wrap should last around 7 years compared to 2 years for low quality vinyl.

Location and installer

No matter where you’re located, you’re likely to have access to both lower-quality and professional installers. 

There are questions you can ask an installer to find out their level of training for the installation of vinyl films. For example, the best brands of vinyl such as 3M and Avery, provide training for their installers and have an auditing process with accreditation. To become one of their select partners or certified installers, the installer needs to be able to prove that their work meets a certain standard. We recommend that you ask this question when looking for an installer or check their website for evidence of this accreditation. 

Opting for a professional installer means that you can install your favourite boat wrap design from any designer who sends boat wraps internationally. This will incur a freight charge, but it is worth it to ensure that you receive one of the best boat wraps globally.  

Quality of the boat wrap design

The quality of the graphics affects the boat wrap price. If you opt for a cheaper, lower quality boat wrap, it is likely that the true finish won’t be clear until it is installed. The following are some of the factors that can affect the quality of the design work:

  • Whether the image is a combination of photography and illustration and how well they are combined.
  • Whether the illustration/ photo file is a high enough resolution for the print size.
  • Whether the logos are a high enough resolution for the print size.
  • Whether your printer maintains their machines to ensure there is colour accuracy to the file.

At Marine Graphics Ink, our professional team of graphic designers take the time to illustrate boat wraps that can be customised to a wide variety of boats. All of our designs have been printed at a large scale so you can have confidence in the quality of our work. 

We provide a full range of fixed-price boat wraps and decals that ensure you receive a quality design that will withstand the test of time.    

Wrap your boat today

Making the exciting decision to wrap your boat means you will ensure that your vessel makes a statement when on the water.

While there isn’t one average cost to wrap a boat, the Marine Graphics Ink team is committed to helping you select the best design for your style and minimise costs in the long run. Our experienced design team have over 30 years of experience and have been designing boat wraps for over a decade. We work with a global network of accredited installation companies and are dedicated to helping make the personality of boats come to life.

Browse our range of boat graphics, wraps and decals today or give us a call on (+61) 0432 499 492 and we will be in touch.