Boat Wraps Gallery

Boat Wraps can change the look and feel of your boat in a day. The MGI boat wraps range has everything from dynamic sport fish designs to detailed line art.  Our boat wrap gallery contains examples of both our off the shelf designs as well as custom boat wraps which we created for individual clients, commercial businesses and fishing clubs.

To customise one of our boat wrap designs, all are catalogued @ Boat Wrap Designs.

All of our Boat Wrap designs can be customised to fit any boat from the smallest dingies up to the largest ocean crafts. The artworks are created digitally, to ensure that no matter what size the design enlarges to the image will not pixelate or distort in any way. Many of the boat wraps in our gallery are custom versions from our stock range. If you see a boat in our gallery with a design you like, or you have your own idea in mind, please feel free to contact us.

Boat Measurements

Send a picture of your boat and the below measurements. The length of the gunnel from bow to stern and heights every 1 meter.

If you would like the wrap to continue above the gunnel bumper, please supply these numbers also.

boat wrap measurements

Get a Quote

Email us with your design ideas, the size and model of your boat, your location and we can quote your wrap.