Boat Wraps

Baot Wraps make a statement with an individual style and look for your boat. The Marine Graphics Ink range has been customising boats around the world since 2008.

Boat Wrap collection

What is in our range?

Marine Graphics Ink Boat wraps are the largest range of exclusive boat wraps ready to transform your boat into something new. The range includes onshore and offshore environments and river and estuary fish. We also have a range of graphics and camouflage Boat wraps. There is something here for every taste.


Our team has over thirty years of graphic design experience and has designed marine-themed boat wraps since 2008. We’re excited to offer a diverse collection of unique boat wrap designs to take your boat to the next level.

Line Art

Rivers & Estuaries




Graphics & Camo

Non fish boat wraps

What is involved in wrapping my boat?

Marine-themed wraps are a fantastic way to improve the aesthetic of you boat as they’re fast to apply, cost less per square metre compared to point and maintain the appearance for years when properly looked after.
Redesigning your boat with boat wrap finishing is a simple yet economical way to add a personal touch and make your boat unique to you. Our large range of impressive fish designs will turn your boat into something truly special.


The process couldn’t be easier :


Select one of our boat wrap images and the email Marine Graphics Ink with the following information:


  • Boat model
  • Boat measurement
  • Design choice
  • A side on photo of your boat
  • Location

Our friendly team will then send you a quote with the relevant boat wrap cost.


Upon approval, our designers will customise the chosen design to the size of your boat, making sure the prominent feature of the design are made a focal point.
Our worldwide professional printing partners ensure state-of-the-art printing and colour management, plus expert application to get the best results for your boat wrap. Using our accredited installers also ensures your factory warrant on the vinyl.


Boat wraps are a great option for older boats that need a refresh, or newer boats that could use a splash of personality. If you’re looking for a stunning fishing boat wrap, you can’t go wrong with Marine Graphics Ink. Get in touch with the team at Marine Graphics Ink today on (03) 8566 843 for all your boat wrap needs.

To get a quote

1. Scroll through the Boat Wrap Collection to find the design you like.

2. Email us with your boat model and size, location and design choice and we will send you a quote.

3. Next measure your boat and a side on picture to 

4. With the measurements we customise your chosen design and lay it onto the boat image for your approval

5. We send the designs for printing and application to one of our print partners for installation, or we can print and send to your chosen installer.

Boat Measurements

Send the length of the gunnel from bow to stern and heights every 1 meter along with a picture of your boat to

If you would like the wrap to continue above the gunnel, supply these numbers also.

boat wrap measurements

Get a Quote

Email us with your design ideas, the size and model of your boat, your location and we can quote your wrap.