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For the most eye-catching boat print designs, you can’t go wrong with Marine Graphics Ink.

What are the benefits of boat wrapping?

Each of our fish artworks is vibrant, unique and realistic, making these designs the perfect boat print choice to give your pride and joy a much-needed lift. Our sleek designs can decorate your boat without the need for a complete repaint or respray.   Our talented designers are on hand to help with the design selection process, taking you through our vibrant pre-made fish prints and helping you select the perfect look for your boat.


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A vinyl boat wrap gives you complete control over the look and style of your boat.  Boat name, logos, colour choice.  You are not limited by paint colours and brush.  See what other boat owners have done with their boat wrap.


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Marine quality vinyl provides an extra layer of protection from scratches and marks while out on the water.  When correctly installed they are durable and have a lifespan of 7 or more years.

Cost Effective

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Fast installation means less time off the water and lower labour costs during the installation period.  Installation can be as much as 30% cheaper than painting. They are also easier to maintain and never require buffing or polishing which reduces long term maintenance. 


So the selected print fits your boat, we ask you to send our team pictures and measurements for the length of the gunnel and height at one-meter intervals.

For prints that will continue above the gunnel, please supply our team with these numbers also. We will then use our 30-plus years of design expertise and our decades of experience with dedicated fish boat prints to modify the artwork to fit your boat. This way, we can make sure that your boat looks incredible from every angle on the water.

Quickly and easily refresh the look of your boat with a new Marine Graphics Ink boat print. Get in touch with the team at Marine Graphics Ink today on 0432499492 for all your boat print needs.

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Non fish boat wraps

To get a quote

1. Scroll through the Boat Wrap Collection to find the design you like.

2. Email us with your boat model and size, location and design choice and we will send you a quote.

3. Next measure your boat and a side on picture to 

4. With the measurements we customise your chosen design and lay it onto the boat image for your approval

5. We send the designs for printing and application to one of our print partners for installation, or we can print and send to your chosen installer.

Boat Measurements

Send the length of the gunnel from bow to stern and heights every 1 meter along with a picture of your boat to

If you would like the wrap to continue above the gunnel, supply these numbers also.

boat wrap measurements

Get a Quote

Email us with your design ideas, the size and model of your boat, your location and we can quote your wrap.