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Our passion for the water, attention to detail and traditional fine arts training have combined to make Marine Graphics Ink boat wraps, the finest and most sort after collections anywhere on the globe.

Nick Hannan Marine Artist

Our Story

Nick Hannan has been fishing for over 45 years and working professionally as an artist and graphic designer for over 30.  In 2008 he started Marine Graphics Ink to combine the passions and give boat wraps to the world.

Nick has remained hands on for every client from initial contact, customisation of boat wrap designs through to liasing with the printers and installers.  This is what has ensured consistently high quality work.  As a result Marine Graphics Ink’s work is now sought after by boat owners all over the world.

Our Print Partners

MGI send artwork around the world, so whether you are in Johannesburg, Dubai, Florida, Amsterdam or even Numea, you can access our collection.  

We also have a print and send service. If we don’t have a printer in your region we can still connect you with an appropriate installer.

We have established a team of trusted print partners around the globe. They use only quality materials,  and their businesses have a meticulous approach to their printing and installation.

We know it is a combination of imagery, state of the art printing and colour management as well as expert application that creates the most outstanding results. That is what MGI and our partners deliver.

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