Does your boat look a little old and tired, a colour-change boat wrap is a simple way of making it look like clean again.

If you are looking for something new – we are launching a collection of colour change boat wraps with a difference. 

There is a range of colour change vinyl from producers like 3M. These rolls of vinyl come in the standard range. 

The collection is based on the most popular colour choices and brings in some of that well-known Marine Graphics Ink flare. Simple from a distance and striking up close.

Blue boat wraps

Many people consider blue a favourite colour and unsurprisingly it is popular for boats and marine businesses.
Because blue is favoured by so many people, it is a traditional colour choice for vinyl colour change.

blue boat wraps
Scales boat wrap in blue

We wanted to bring something new to mix for people who want to choose blue for their colour change boat wrap however, want to stay clear of the colour swatch choices we see so commonly at the ramp.

blue boat wraps
Blue Boat wrap colour change

Black Boat Wraps

Black is the strongest of the neutral colours. It’s commonly associated with power, elegance, and formality. A black boat wrap can be striking on and off the water.

On a boat, it can be either conservative or modern, traditional or unconventional, depending on the design it’s combined with.

We included several different black wraps in the collection, some bolder than others. If you want a black boat, however, you don’t want it to appear flat, you can find something here.

black boat wrap design
Black boat wrap using Black Ice boat wrap design

Grey Boat wraps

Grey is an ever-popular colour.

The physical effects of grey are less pronounced than in other colours on a boat. On the other hand, grey is the perfect neutral, as it can moderate brighter hues and pull a colour scheme together. We typically consider grey conservative, elegant, and cool. It’s not a colour of extremes, but rather of middle ground.

Grey Colour Change Boat Wrap

White Boat wraps

When it comes to colour, strangely enough, there’s nothing more striking and dramatic than white. Boats are traditionally white when they come off the production line.

If a white hull’s cleanliness, simplicity and minimalism appeal to you, however, you need to clean up the hull and don’t want the time and expense of boat painting, consider a white vinyl wrap.

Center Console with Fish Scale wrap in white.

This simple fish scale boat wrap is a popular choice for big and small boats and looks striking on the water.

The fish scale wrap is detailed enough to be interesting up close while still giving an elegant overall look.

Green Boat wraps

kraken boat wraps
Because all our illustrations are designed in house we can mix and match back grounds with fish illustrations

We used a background colour change from our range for this centre console boat wrap. The two sides were different, with a marlin and an octopus. However, the consistent background kept an overall uniform look.

Camo Colour Change

Camo is always popular. In fact we have done a whole post about the camo boat wrap range. It a good choice for a colour change wrap if you want to be blend in while still having quality graphics on the boat.

Want to see even more choices?

Have look at the full range here. Colour Change and Camo designs. Remember all our designs are made in house so can be customised to suit your style.

If you are considering a boat wrap for your colour change and would like to learn more about vinyl wraps and how long they last take a look at our blog where you will find up to date information. To discuss your boat wrap get in touch with our friendly team on 0485881787.