A boat vinyl wrap is a simple and effective way to add style to your boat. Unlike the traditional method of painting, which is a time-consuming and costly process, custom fishing boat wraps can quickly and easily help your boat stand out from the crowd while on the water.

If you’d like to transform your boat’s exterior appearance, the two of the most popular options are boat wrapping and painting. 


As fishing and marine enthusiasts, the team at Marine Graphics Ink understands just how important it is to get your boat back into the water as soon as possible. Installing a vinyl boat wrap is a speedy process that generally takes no longer than two days to complete, which means your boat won’t have to stay out of action for long periods of time. 

The convenience of boat graphics wraps even extends beyond the installation – a vinyl wrap is easier to remove than paint, giving you the freedom to change the colour or design of your boat whenever you’d like.  


Vinyl is extremely durable. Adding a wrap to your boat is one of the easiest ways to preserve its exterior. Custom fishing boat wraps not only protect your boat’s original paintwork from the harsh marine environment, but can help to shield your boat from scratches and routine wear and tear. When you eventually remove the boat wrap, your hull should be in perfect condition. 

Low Maintenance

Maintaining a paint or gel coat can be a bit of a hassle due to its need for regular polishing and buffing. In comparison, boat wraps are a low maintenance option that needs nothing but an occasional wash with a mild soap or dishwashing liquid and water to preserve its quality. 

Similarly, when paintwork is damaged, fading paints or gel coats can make repairs extremely difficult and expensive. It is also significantly more difficult to colour match paint and gel coats. High quality vinyl and UV laminate overlays prevent the wrap from fading. This means that most repairs can be quickly and easily patched with a cost-effective edge sealer.

Cost Effective

When painting, the type of boat you have is one of the main factors in determining the price of the paintwork. For example, aluminium and fibreglass are different painting processes, and the different techniques can increase the price. In comparison, the material used for boat wrapping generally does not affect the total price as a similar process is used for all hull types. Additionally, the fast turn around reduces the man hours required for the job.

Quality Boat Wrap Designers

Marine Graphics Ink offers a large range of marine-themed boat wraps, designed by our expert team. With more than 30 years of experience as designers and an enthusiasm for boat wraps, our team knows how to design wraps that leave a lasting impression.

If you work with an accredited installation partner, your Marine Graphics Ink boat wrap will come with a seven-year warranty on the vinyl, keeping your boat looking brilliant for years to come. Browse our range of vinyl boat wraps online today, or get in touch with our friendly team on (03) 8566 843.