What a month it’s been,…

On a quick fire decision we took off over to the Fort Lauderdale boat show to check out the best of the best.
Certainly was not disappointed!! An unbelievable event and experience. In the 5 day show, you’d be hard pressed to see it all. More boats and bits and bobs than you poke an oar at.
We had two days notice before the show, contacted our main man Burl from boatwraps.com and he swung us a couple of boats to wrap.

The big 32 Twin Vee from the crew at boathousemc.com was adorned with the Psychotic Mako on the starboard side. And the Billfish Digital on the port.
We printed this on the chrome vinyl, which gave an incredible reflective quality.

The second cab off the rank was literally that, the VIP water taxi ferrying VIP’s too and from the superyacht section to the main show.
This lovely Lekker 25 was supplied by www.lekkerboatsusa.com and was a real standout among all of the rigs around her.
The black hull with the Kraken wrap was one of the best boat and design pairing I’ve seen in a while. Just looked superb.

So all in all it was a trip that just blew my bits off!!
An enormous THANK YOU to all that helped make this trip possible, especially David from Superyacht Australia who hooked us up with the other Aussie crews headed over.
Can’t thanks you all enough.