There is a trend toward camo boat wraps going on at the moment. There are already many camo designs out there. We wanted to create something new.

As part of our new colour change range, we spent some time in the studio looking at classic camo and working out how to bring that Marine Graphics Ink edge to the world of camo illustration. We decided to stick with the traditional range of colours and throw out the rest. We started from scratch regarding the illustration side of the camo boat wrap design.

Because the final designs are so intricate, we thought it worth putting up this blog so that you can see the quality of the boat wrap illustration in detail.

Camo boat wrap – Geometric examples

camp boat wrap green
Reptile camo green – complete design

As with all our fish illustrations, it needed to be impressive from far away. However, we still wanted that ‘wow’ factor our boat wraps get from people standing beside the boat.

Detail of Reptile camo green design
camo brown design boat wrap
Reptile Woodland boat wrap – complete design.

The traditional use of camouflage is to disguise the appearance of an object, usually to blend in. The conventional use of camouflage is to conceal the formation of an object, usually to merge with its surroundings. To do this, we limited the colour range to muted greens, browns, sandy colours and greys.

Reptile Woodland boat wrap design detail
military camo boat wrap design
Mottled Hexy Camo in Dark Green (detail)

Then, we used sharp edges, geometric patterning and topographical lines to give them a modern feel. We also brought in scales and mangroves in muted greens to add some variety to the range.

boat wrap camo design
Ice camo boat wrap – complete design
boat wrap camo image
Ice camo boat wrap design (Detail)

Camo boat wraps with topographic lines

camo boat wrap with topographical lines
Camo boat wrap with topographical line

Topographical lines also feature on several camo boat wraps across a series of camouflage colours.

Topographic Camo Dark Green (boat wrap detail)
Camo boat wrap grey boat wrap
Camo boat wrap in grey with topographical lines

Fish scale boat wrap in camo colours

Our Colour Change Graphics has a series of popular neon scale boat wrap designs. Colour changes with some detail and individuality are also becoming more common. Boat owners now look beyond the standard range of vinyl colours available from the manufacturer when looking for a colour change.

camo fish scale boat wrap
Scales Camo Green Detail

Our fish scale boat wrap design has been applied to everything from a 4-meter tinny to 40 ft sport fishing boats in the UAE and USA. We wanted this illustration in the camo collection. We weren’t disappointed with the result. There is detail in each scale to give a metallic finish.

Camo scales boat wrap

We have only included some of the wraps in this blog. To see the whole range look at our Colour Change graphics and Camo designs page.

History of boat wrap camouflage

While researching the new range, we came across these outstanding images from WW1. It turns out modern camouflage (and possibly the boat wrap) began with ‘dazzle’ camo by Norman Wilkinson, a British artist and Royal Navy volunteer. There is an excellent article on the BBC website. Although we aren’t exactly trying to avoid enemy torpedoes, we couldn’t resist including an image and a link to the blog. 

War paint … HMS Kildwick in ‘dazzle’ camouflage. Photograph: Oscar Parkes