March has been an extremely busy few weeks for a number of reasons, with many of the usual stock wraps going out, there has been a few stand out custom jobs on the go.
We’re even taking on some not so fishy projects to keep the variations rolling. More on that next month. Here are a few things that have come up well recently.

Some artwork we designed earlier in the year has finally found it’s way onto the boat.Well worth the wait. This is something Rockhampton would not have seen before!!
Coral trout. Spanish mackeral
This Black marlin line drawing is the starting point for a design we’re putting together for Bluewater magazine’s new shirt range. Stay tuned for further developments.
The Didgi’ GT’s frond their way onto another rig recently. Definitely one of the more popular wraps over the past 12 months.
GT Ulua
Our digital Barramundi was dragged off the boats this week and slapped onto the belly and back of some shirts destined for a Broome invitational comp.
Looking forward to seeing the finished patchwork. Stay tuned.
barramundi shirts