2022 – prize boat wrap

Partnering with Brave Design and Surtees for the third time on a boat wrap for the prize boat, we felt the pressure to deliver.

The brief – do it again – but even better

This time we wanted brightness across the whole wrap, so we focused solely on the abalone palette of colours.

We used typographical lines and the New Zealand map early in the wrap design process. We took the time to draw the map and typography lines in vector format as we knew we wanted to have these elements run across the hull and the cabin.

The intricate created our background layer, and we worked up from there.

Stepping away from the chrome fish we had used in the last two prize boat wrap designs, we drew the fish in full colour. Again, the marlin and kingfish looked best with the rest of the colour palette.

The logo placement was again a challenge in this design. Logos done poorly can destroy an otherwise well-balanced image. We faded the logo, so the background came through.

Glenn and the team at Brave Design did a stellar job placing the vinyl on the boat. The colours and placement must be spot on to get the most out of the design. The design crossed the hull and cabin seamlessly.

It’s great to see the quality of the printing and installation at Brave Design. But, of course, the colours and placement must be spot on to get the most out of the design.

‘Our mate Nick at Marine Graphics Ink smashed out the design again. The colours and the look are getting better and better. In my opinion, it is getting harder and harder to improve – but we do it.’ said Glen from Brave Design.

Video produced to promote prize boat and boat show

Let’s wait and see what 2023 has to offer!

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