Evolution of a boat wrap

Boat wrap designs can be customised. Although our range is extensive, it can be a starting point for creating a more personalised boat wrap.  

Original factory decals

Joel’s Boat

Below is the process of a boat wrap from the MGI wrap range to a customised design for a 6-meter Evolution in Brisbane.  The existing hull was dark blue with standard factory decals.

As an offshore fisho, our range has everything Joel wanted. However, he was keen to customise his wrap.  

Joel emailed us a screenshot from our website showing us the look he was after.

At Marine Graphics Ink, we know that not everyone can imagine how the final wrap will look.

Therefore, we request a side-on picture of the boat and measurements.  

boat wrap design 

Nick used the side-on picture to create two mock-ups giving a starting point for refining the boat wrap.

Mock ups

Pelagics 2 from the Off Shore range was the design selected.

However, he did have a few custom alterations.  

  • Simrad and Evolution logo at the rear
  • A compass rose to the front of the design
  • Swap GT for snapper
  • Swap rear dog tooth tuna for a Spanish mackerel

Maintaining consistency across the entire boat wrap while adjusting the imagery was crucial.  

We brought the fish forward to accommodate the logos at the rear and kept the space created consistent with the background behind the fish.

Logo placement

Once the new fish were swapped, we brought in a new tuna which sat better with the design.

Original tuna
New tuna. The yellow of the fins also contrastsnicely with the blue.  

Adding the compass created a dynamic font end to the boat.  

Nick reduced the opacity to bring through the abalone colour details of the background.

Installation of the boat wrap

We believe that graphics are only part of the picture regarding boat wrapping. Quality printing and expert installation are crucial for a spectacular finish.   As the vinyl boat wrap is applied the installer places the wrap to maximise the design on the hull. We provide a template of this step.

Design template for installation

Marine Graphics Ink has worked closely with Monaghan Signs in Brisbane for over a decade, so we contacted the owner Anthony for print and installation. 

Joel dropped the boat off in the afternoon. Then, Anthony got to work removing the existing decals and cleaning the gel coat, ready for the new wrap to be installed.   

Anthony installed the wrap the next day, and the boat was ready for the water in the afternoon when it was picked up. 

The results 

Joel was pleased with the customisation of the design.

Final design

‘Nick was great and easy to deal with. He was happy to change and alter the designs to suit my taste,’ said Joel.  ‘His art is second to none and leaves you with a great result and unique experience.’

At Monaghan Signs in Brisbane