Boat wrapping is an increasingly popular way to make a statement on the water. Customising your boat gives you the freedom to express yourself and your passion, while simultaneously elevating your vessel’s appearance well-above the rest. 

By installing a vinyl boat wrap, you can add your own personal style, enhance its durability and minimise costs in the process. Enjoy the benefits of boat wrapping while transforming the look of your boat into something that you’re proud of. 

Complete customisation and personalisation

Vinyl boat wrapping gives you complete control over the look and style of your boat. By choosing the boat wrap design that best represents you and makes your boat stand out, you’ll feel proud every time you take your pride and joy out on the water.

After you’ve selected your boat wrap, we take the time to ensure the design is customised to fit to the lines of your hull. At Marine Graphics Ink, we customise boat wraps to your boat’s individual hull, so when selecting from our large range of marine-themed wraps, you know it will look just as good on paper as it does in real life.  

Enhanced durability and protection

Over time, your boat will experience significant wear and tear, which often includes scratches, dents and chipped gel or peeling paint. By opting to decorate your vessel with a boat wrap, you not only get to add a splash of your personality, you give your boat an extra layer of protection from damage when out on the water and while loading/unloading to a trailer.

Cost effective

Vinyl boat wraps are significantly more cost effective than traditional methods such as painting and flow coating, both during the initial installation process and when it comes to ongoing maintenance. Boat wrapping is a quick way to upgrade the appearance of your boat and continue to deliver a brilliant finish for many years. Boat wraps will look new for years and require minimal professional maintenance for as long as you clean the wrap regularly with soapy water.

Minimal maintenance

In the rare event that your boat wrap does require maintenance, your wrap will only need to be patched up in the impacted area. This is a significantly cheaper alternative to major paintwork and helps to maintain the quality of the boat. Additionally, the maintenance of quality vinyl boat wraps and the UV laminate overlay is more effective than paintwork. Patches rarely require colour matching as boat wraps fade incredibly slowly (well over 7 years).

Boat wrap designers

Marine Graphics Ink has a large range of unique marine-themed boat wraps available, expertly crafted by our talented design team. With over 30 years of experience as designers and more than 13 years of dedicated boat wrap experience, the Marine Graphics Ink team knows how to design wraps that make boats stand out on the water. 

Any work completed by Marine Graphics Ink and our accredited installation partners comes with a 3-year warranty. We only use vinyl with a minimum 7-year lifespan, meaning your boat will look fantastic for the years to come. 

Browse our range of vinyl boat wraps today or give us a call on (03) 8566 843 and the friendly Marine Graphics Ink team will be in touch.