Fish Sticker – Chrome Yellow Fin Tuna


Premium quality Fish Art, printed on 3M vinyl. The most vivid and durable fish stickers on the market. Available in four sizes from 320mm long to 1300 mm long, port and starboard mirror sets.

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The Chrome Yellow Fin Tuna Fish Sticker is printed on quality marine grade vinyl using UV stable inks and over-laminated for extra protection.
All sets are mirrored to each other.
There is no background, the decals are contour cut to the shape of the tuna.

How to Prepare the Surface For Fish Sticker:

  • To ensure a successful application of your tuna fish twin set of stickers, start by thoroughly cleaning the surface of your boat.
  • Use a mild detergent and water solution to remove any dirt, grease, or wax residue.  A small amount of dishwashing liquid is good for this
  • Rinse the surface with clean water and allow it to dry completely before proceeding.

 How to Position the Chrome Yellow Fin Tuna Fish Sticker:

  • Position one of the tuna fish stickers on the desired location of your boat, you can use a ruler to check the distance between the gunnel and the sticker on each side.
  • Using masking tape, create a hinge down the middle of the sticker and a couple of tabs across the top
  • Stand back and look at the boat from a distance so both fish stickers are positioned well.

How to apply a vinyl sticker:

  • Ensuring the fish sticker is straight and evenly aligned with the boat’s surface use the tape down the middle of the sticker as a temporary hinge, facilitating the application process.
  • Gently peel back the backing tape from one half of the sticker, exposing the adhesive side. Take care not to touch the adhesive with your fingers to prevent any contamination.
  • Working from the middle of the sticker out use a credit card to smooth the sticker to the side of the boat carefully.  A smooth motion from the centre out will help reduce bubbles.

How to get rid of bubbles in your vinyl:

  • If there are any bubbles in your vinyl simply pop the centre with a small pin and press the air towards the centre.  The vinyl will be flat and the small pinhole not visible.

How to Care for Your Vinyl Fish Sticker:

  • After applying the tuna fish twin set of stickers, avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals, and abrasive cleaners.
  • Clean the stickers gently with a mild soap and water solution and a soft cloth.
  • Avoid scrubbing or rubbing the stickers vigorously to prevent damage to the vinyl.

How to remove a decal:

  • To remove an old decal from your boat apply heat using a hairdryer or heat gun to soften the adhesive.
  • Once the adhesive is warm and pliable, carefully peel off the sticker using a plastic scraper or credit card.
  • Any leftover adhesive can be removed with a mild solvent or adhesive remover, followed by cleaning the area with soap and water.


If you would like the Chrome Yellow Fin Tuna in a different size we do custom printing as well.  Contact us for a quote.


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1300mm, 320mm, 640mm, 990mm