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IGFA cover art by Nick Hannan

IGFA cover 2023 - "The Surge"

Nick Hannan is the first Australian artist to be selected to produce the cover art for the  IGFA World Record Game Fishes annual.

First published in 1943, this is the 80th edition of the annual, and Nick is proud to be selected for this landmark edition.

‘As a kid, I was always a keen fisherman. A family friend bought me my first subscription to the IGFA. The cover art instantly struck me, and I started drawing fish immediately. I always looked forward to seeing the cover art as much as the annual itself. I still have a stack of them in the family home where I grew up. I am so proud to be part of that history.’

As an artist, Nick’s interest in light, weather conditions and atmosphere are central to the inspiration behind his images.

‘The weather brings as much to my experience as the fishing itself, so I wanted to capture the beauty and drama of messy weather.’


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Nick Hannan has been fishing for over 40 years and working as an artist and graphic designer for over 30.  In 2008 he started Marine Graphics Ink to combine his passions.

Nick has remained hands-on for every client from initial contact, customisation of boat wrap, apparel range, and all other marine-related designs through to liaising with the printers, manufacturers and installers.  This is what has ensured consistently high-quality work.  As a result Marine Graphics Ink’s work is now sought after by boat owners, fishing clubs, retailers, and corporate and private commissions all around the world